Above: Fred 'two-guitars' Martin, with a natty pair of ear rings!

Below: A promo photo (taken by his brother, Bill!)

Fred's Music page

More coming soon! Meanwhile, you can find out about Fred's musical work:

Fred - or 'Martin Shears', as we should call him professionally, is a very talented musician. As the driving force behind the superb Phoenix-based covers band, The Scones, he has gigged voraciously for many years and has a very strong, loyal following in and around Arizona, California as well as in southern Germany, where the band has toured regularly.

The Scones CD, 'Do You Hear' contains some superb songs and great vocal performances from Martin. His long-awaited solo album is released in 2008, which includes a string arrangement of Martin's beautiful song, 'It Doesn't Matter Any More', which you can audition on his MySpace site before buying your own copy!

More details about Fred coming shortly!

Bill C Martin (Jr)